Car Insurance – Keeping The Albatross From Around Your Neck

Once upon a time, albatrosses were considered by superstitious seafarers to be symbols of good luck. In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a well-known poem written by Samuel Coleridge around the turn of the 19th century, the titular character is depicted as having killed an albatross, much to the chagrin of his shipmates – the dead bird is then hung around his neck by those appalled crewmen. It becomes a symbol of the bad luck with which this decision burdened him and his ship.

Ever since, an albatross hung from one’s neck has been a common symbolic reference to burdensome bad luck – an echoing bad decision that keeps coming back to haunt you.

But what, you may ask, does any of this have to do with car insurance?

Motor insurance shouldn’t be a grudge purchase

The mariner shot the albatross because he could not see what blessings the historically lucky bird had brought him or his crew – of course, after the killing of the bird, the wind dies, leaving his ship motionless on the ocean, and the mariner’s entire crew is soon stricken down by the curse that accompanies this action.

Car insurance is sort of like the albatross – the good fortune that keeps you moving, even if you can’t always see what good it’s doing.

Unfortunately, in South Africa, with our sprawling cities and insufficient public transport systems, a car is a bit of a grudge purchase in and of itself; an exorbitant monthly expense that is a near-necessity but that further tightens already constrained budgets.
When you add in the cost of auto insurance – a notoriously begrudging expense for many – it’s hardly a surprise that around 70% of South African drivers choose to forgo it entirely.

The problem is that, much like the albatross, when you kill your car insurance (or any short-term policy, really) you’re just taking the wind out of your own sails, rather than freeing up the money that would go into your monthly premiums.

Top-quality car insurance keeps you moving

We all know that if you’re uninsured, the cost of damage done to, or the theft of, your vehicle will come right out of your pocket, with no financial cushion against the surprise expense.

No one wants to be preoccupied by the safety of their car, bike, or other vehicle while trying to enjoy a night at the movies, or a good meal their favourite restaurant. Likewise, you don’t want to miss out on opportunities that can only be taken advantage of if you’re mobile at a moment’s notice, just because your car’s been damaged, you have no insurance, and you can’t afford to repair it out-of-pocket.

But those are fates that you potentially condemn yourself to if you choose to circumvent what should be the necessity of getting yourself the best motor insurance policy that you possibly can.
Without appropriate cover, your vehicle – far from enabling the personal and professional life you want – can quickly become an endless expense, a dead weight; an unlucky albatross, hanging from your neck and dragging you down.

Prepare yourself for the journey ahead – get covered!

So, don’t follow the example of the ancient mariner, learn from it.
Use online resources, such as this blog, investigate your insurance options, and recognise that short-term insurance is an investment. It’s an investment in your lifestyle, your mobility, and, perhaps most important of all, your peace of mind.

For the modern professional, navigating the choppy waters of South Africa’s economic environment, can the importance of this really be overstated?