Pay For It Yourself Or Make An Insurance Claim?

Keeping your no-claim streak going

Car insurance can be an amazing safety net for when the unexpected happens and you need a way to absorb a potentially crippling financial blow, right now. We would never discourage insuring your vehicle, and we understand that making a claim is, obviously, sometimes a necessity. But, there is such a thing as being too trigger happy with tapping in your insurance company at the first sign of damage or distress.

Always remember, the more claims you make, the higher your monthly premiums become. So, you should only claim when to do otherwise would be disastrous. Unfortunately, reality waits for no one, and damage to your vehicle will accrue over time, no matter how careful a driver you are or how many major accidents you manage to avoid.

So, what is to be done?

Don’t sweat the small stuff – minor chips and dents

It can be tempting, in order to keep your vehicle in absolute pristine condition, to make a claim and check it in for bodywork at the first sign of a bump, scrape or scratch – however small it might be. But, sometimes it might benefit you far more to simply forestall repairs on any minor damage, until a later date – say, when larger damage necessitates repairs, or when your car has accumulated enough nicks so as to be impossible to ignore.

Alternately, pay for minor repairs out of your own pocket.

It might sound counterintuitive to the whole point you insured your car in the first place, but it really isn’t. Vehicle insurance is a safeguard against disaster, it’s not really intended to be leveraged for every cosmetic concern and doing so only serves to put upward pressure on the premiums you’re paying every month. This can make it tougher to keep up with the costs of a policy that is ostensibly intended to help cushion you from costs.

When you look at it like that, over-claiming is the counterintuitive behaviour.

Repair, don’t replace, your windshield

This is a similar point, but it’s worth individual attention.

When you have a small chip or crack in your windshield, it might be a better idea to have it repaired than to lodge an insurance claim to have it replaced. Not only will this spare you the inconvenience of increased premiums, but repairing your windshield is a far more environmentally friendly approach than relegating it – and its glass and plastic components – to an Earth-poisoning trash heap.

The added bonus is that, while you could employ the services of a professional, repairing your windshield could be a DIY job you take on yourself with a windshield repair kit, readily available at your local hardware store.

It’s important to remember that over-claiming on your car insurance policy is not supportive of the long-term, emergency solution that even a short-term insurance policy is intended to be. Safeguard yourself against disaster by ensuring that your policy, and your finances, can absorb it when and if it comes.